Consumer media coverage


Share and Care Homeshare, Supportmatch Homeshare service and THE HomeShare Ireland are regularly featured in consumer media including national television, radio and newspapers. These are just a few examples of some of the lovely stories written about homeshare. Press enquires please contact:

Daily Mail On Line – Saturday 20th January 2024

I’m 27 and save hundreds of pounds on London rent by home sharing with an elderly lady – it saved me from loneliness

Maria Matei, 27, lives with an elderly lady in her eighties to save money on rent

The pair have formed an intergenerational friendship and even cook together

Perspectives by Caroline Cooke – Dec 2023

Homeshare and dementia; the invaluable matches.

Dementia and poor mobility are driving the demand for homesharing

BBC News London – May 2023

Share and Care Homeshare clients Margaret and Christine talking about the benefits to both of them homesharing together!

Financial Times – March 2023

Homesharing offers a cheaper alternative to rental accommodation

Intergenerational living brings benefits for young and old

BBC News South West – Dec 2022

The Supportmatch Homeshare service, which runs the scheme with Cornwall Council, said it carried out extensive safeguarding checks before making a match.

Ms Thomas helps with cleaning, plays games and watches television with 93-year-old Mrs Phipps.

Mrs Phipps said her new housemate “always goes the extra mile”.

PlatinumSharing is caring

An interesting way that women are rejecting traditional living norms is by living together in homesharing arrangements.

Platinum magazine

Share and Care homeshare clients litter picking

Dementia together magazine –  How homesharing can give people with dementia support and friendship.

by Gareth Bracken.

Social enterprise a valuable addition at the heart of community- The Irish Times

Social enterprise a valuable addition at the heart of community Pricewatch: Rethink Ireland to run a Future is Social campaign in bid to build awareness.

Irish Times

Ben Aitken author and Sharer

Marmalade Diaries written by Sharer Ben Aitken

UK-based author Ben Aitken, 34, writes about his experience house sharing with Winnie. Despite the widowed 84-year-old not taking to him at first, they formed an unlikely friendship.

Daily Mail On line

Stacey Dooley podcast with Ben Aitken Sharer and author

Ben Atkin a Sharer talks to Stacey Dooley 

Stacey Dooley meets 35-year-old writer Ben, who decided to move in with Octogenarian, Wendy. The unusual house share offered Ben affordable living and allowed Wendy to stay in her home after the death of her husband – but also led to a beautiful friendship.Credits: Presenter: Stacey Dooley Producers: Blanca Muñoz, Francesca Bent Executive producer: Natasha Johansson Social videos: Maia Lowerson This has been a Little Dooley production for BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Sounds

Homesharing in  Dublin Ireland

One of the family: My wife and I hit the jackpot when we found someone to share our home

Eddie Lawless (80) began his search for a housemate last year when he made the decision to care for his wife, Mavis, at their home in Dublin. Mavis (78) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2018….

Housing crisis Ireland

Could home-sharing be the solution to Ireland’s housing crisis? – Dublin Live

(Image: Getty Images) While many of these people might have home-care support packages with the HSE or private care givers, having a carer stay overnight can cost €150 a night, which can be .

Share & Care clients Poppy and John as featured in the Daily Mail 31st January 2018  Talking about home sharing and being Britain’s most unlikely.

Share and Care Homeshare clients Marjory and Heather in West London shared their experience of homeshare with The Guardian Weekend back in March 17 2012. War veteran Marjory decided after one meeting to share her house with Heather, a nursing student. Heather gives help with cooking and light housework .