Welcome to the Homeshare Association

The purpose of the Homeshare Association is to promote the Homeshare movement and its independent, national homeshare providers across the UK and Republic of Ireland. We want to encourage more people to join in and Think Homeshare!  

The home of expert national homeshare organisations; supporting experienced, professional, independent homeshare providers which offer national coverage, let us help you  find a homeshare organisation. 

The Homeshare Association is a body of experienced independent national homeshare providers with 30+ years collective experience in delivering Homeshare across the UK and the Republic of Ireland who are accountable to each other to ensure high standards are upheld.

All the organisations in the Homeshare Association have been operating homeshare arrangements for more than 5 years, ensuring financial sustainability and proven best practice in delivering and supporting successful homeshare matches.

The Homeshare Association was formed to unify the reputation and standing of independent, national Homeshare providers and to strengthen their voice collectively to promote Homeshare as a mainstream option within social care.

Although the Homeshare sector is not a regulated service in the UK or Ireland, all members of the Homeshare Association are committed to each to ensure the highest standards are upheld by regularly appraise each other. 

The Homeshare Association also brings together Advocates who have either participated in a Homeshare arrangement, either as a Sharer, Householder or relative or from within the Social Care sector, as well as other industry professionals who are passionate for social change. We are grateful for their input and the experience that they offer.

The Homeshare Association also lobbies government through “thought leadership”, demonstrating how inter-generational living can support and ease current financial, social support and housing challenges.

The Homeshare Association is proud to be part of the Think Homeshare! movement that was launched by Share and Care Homeshare to ensure that Homeshare becomes a recognised and widely-offered choice to older people and adults with support needs within social care settings, as well as help for those living at home.

The Homeshare Association’s philosophy is based on community and collaboration, with members working together to navigate the sector, and make a positive influence on homeshare living.

The Homeshare Association is closely aligned to Homeshare International, whose members deliver homeshare across the world. Sybil Whitehead one of the founding members of the Homeshare Association, sits on the board of Homeshare International. 


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If you would like to get in touch to discuss any aspect of Homeshare please contact us for free independent advice. Our purpose is to offer any kind of homeshare support.

The Homeshare Association is an unincorporated association set up through agreement between a group of people who come together for a reason other than to make a profit.