Our Vision and Mission

All Homeshare Association organisations are highly experienced in providing Homeshare. The vision and mission of the Homeshare Association is to be the recognised voice of authority in the Homeshare market. We achieve this through passion, transparent representation, progressive and innovative development of Homeshare providers and a wholehearted and united commitment to safeguarding. The Homeshare Association’s mission is to continue to ensure Homeshare is offered comprehensively; that the role Homeshare can play in later life is recognised, understood, adopted and celebrated; and to provide Government and Policy Makers, both at national and local levels, with innovative, cost effective and pragmatic solutions to a range of increasingly pressing socio-economic issues. The Homeshare Association promotes Homeshare across the UK and The Republic of Ireland – Think Homeshare! 

Our Values

The Homeshare Association is committed to seven core values


Maintaining high standards and self-regulation through commitment to the Homeshare Association Principles Standards, and operating within them.


To inspire confidence in the sector, maintaining transparency, accountability and excellence in all our activities.


To continue our work with local and central Government to ensure Homeshare’s role as a valuable part of social care reform. Sitting on advisory boards to ensure progress on social care reform and to advocate social care change and innovation in the sector.


To have passion and clarity of thought, commitment to making change and the rigour to deliver the right solutions. To ensure that whilst continuing to grow, the sector maintains the highest standards of excellence, and that continuous development and learning is encouraged to keep pace with demand.


To continue the work started with Homeshare International; to support and collaborate with Homeshare providers worldwide, sharing industry learning and market knowledge.


Continue to collectively produce knowledge and data that can help Social Care decision makers and Government to act. To provide substantiated, credible, evidence-led market insights and research.


Remaining true to the core values, mission and vision, safety and excellence of Homeshare.