Homeshare in Social Care

Over the past decade the political landscape has changed significantly with regards to approaches to adult social care and what is provided, and how homeshare sits within the social care framework.

On 7 September 2021, the government set out its new plan for adult social care reform in England. This included a lifetime cap on the amount anyone in England will need to spend on their personal care, alongside a more generous means-test for local authority financial support.

From October 2023, the UK government will introduce a new £86,000 cap on the amount anyone in England will need to spend on their personal care over their lifetime.

Homeshare schemes have existed across the world since the late 1970’s; it is, however, only recently that the homeshare concept has been more widely recognised in the UK and The Republic of Ireland as a solution to people wishing to remain living independently in their own homes.

Homeshare Association founder member Amanda Clarke has joined other charities and CIC organisations that support adults and older people in discussing and contributing to the White Paper, People at the Heart of Care, led by the department of Health and Social Care. Amanda continues to be involved in on-going sessions and is keen to ensure homeshare is recognised as a valuable way forward for some people.  Amanda has spotlighted to the Minister for Social Care what a well-managed, homeshare arrangement looks like, and the safe guarding that is in place to ensure the success of these arrangements. She continues to champion the role a homeshare arrangement can make in allowing a person to remain independently in their own home at a low cost. 

The Homeshare Association will continue to provide evidence of success, and support policy advisors and government ministers working on social care issues to ensure that people do have choice when making care arrangements.

The Homeshare Association is promoting the idea of homeshare becoming a mainstream offer within the social care structure, we want everyone to Think Homeshare!