Why Homeshare works

Homeshare is a simple idea but effective way of helping two different groups of people. It is affordable help for an elderly person but also for adults with support needs. And for the younger person the sharer is is low-cost accommodation and a place to call home. 

The Householder offers a spare bedroom in return for an agreed amount of practical help and company each week. The Homesharer offers that practical help and company in exchange for the room and sharing the home.

The homeshare organisation is the third party and the backbone of the relationship. They are responsible for the vetting and matching of both the Householder and the Homesharer. They draw up the legal framework and remain in contact through the arrangement.

No money changes hands between the householder or the Homesharer but both parties pay a small monthly fee to the homeshare organisation during the arrangement for their service and support. A win win for both and why homeshare works!

Homeshare organisations are either CIC s or charities and rely on the fee contributions to offer their services.

THINK HOMESHARE – Homeshare is great value for those who need low level support needs. Homeshare allows someone to  remain independently in their home but benefit from the reassurance of someone giving a level of support and company plus sleeping in the house overnight. Homeshare can work alongside domiciliary care packages.

Help for an elderly person in their own home
The joy of homesharing together!
support an elderly person in their own home
Homesharing the in UK and Republic of Ireland

Evidence of success 

There is a high level of information gathered through our relationships with our members and their clients which leads us to believe our Householders have seen benefits such as:

But, how do you accurately measure….

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