Our Principle Standards

Our Principle Standards in Homeshare are a mark of excellence, a way of ensuring that any organisations which are a part of the Homeshare Association meet the highest levels of professionalism and experience and have a quality assurance framework in place. The Homeshare Association is made up of independent businesses which have agreed to uphold these standards and allow inter-organisation audits to ensure these standards are continually met. All providers have a national Homeshare offer and therefore can help people across the UK and/or the Republic of Ireland.

By using the services of a Homeshare Association organisation, customers and health care professionals can be assured they are working with an established provider with many years of proven experience running Homeshare arrangements. This experience ensures that they can feel reassured in the knowledge that their provider can give first class advice and support.

Homeshare Association organisations are at the forefront of leading industry standards and will continue to influence the sector with their strong voice and clear Principle Standards.

What are the Principal Standards?

  • A business plan showing the growth of the Homeshare scheme with clear aims and objectives
  • Able to demonstrate that there is a team in place to staff the Homeshare scheme on a full time basis
  • Agreement to self-governance and audits from within the Homeshare Association by other members, ensuring highest standards are upheld by all organisations
  • That Practice, Policy and Process are to the highest standards, and any industry learning is shared between Homeshare Association organisations in a transparent manner
  • That there is robust Safeguarding is in place and that policies have been tried and tested to demonstrate effectiveness
  • That when marketing the Homeshare concept the ethos of professionalism is always maintained

Collectively, the Homeshare Association organisations have over 30 years of experience in delivering Homeshare. Whilst most Homeshare arrangements are settled and well-matched, occasionally there can be disagreements or issues. The Homeshare Association organisations have internal procedures in place to deal with complaints or concerns; however, sometimes it might be necessary to have another Homeshare Association organisations involvement to ensure a transparent and fair outcome. We are proud that there is great trust between the group which allows this provision.

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