What is Homeshare?

Homeshare involves bringing together two people with different sets of needs, both of whom have something to offer each other. Homesharing is available in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The Householder offers the bedroom and use of the home’s facilities to a Sharer in exchange for some practical help and company each week; the support is spread out over the week.

Homeshare is a low-cost service which offers affordable live-in practical help, reassurance and friendly company to Householders. Having a Sharer helps combat loneliness, anxiety and isolation and gives the Householder an agreed level of practical help and support in and around the home, plus regular friendly chats and the overnight reassurance and security.


Sharers are not permitted to give any personal or nursing care to the person they live with. If this type of support is required, a care package should be arranged through a personal care agency; this can sit alongside a Homeshare arrangement.

The benefits of homesharing  for both the householder and the sharer are many…                          

What is homeshare - Sharer giving householder a birthday party
Sharer giving Householder a small birthday party
What is homeshare - Sharer helping with cooking
Sharer helping with cooking