Homeshare Advice

The Homeshare Association is a body of experienced independent national Homeshare providers with 30+ years of collective experience in delivering Homeshare. We care passionately about the need for social care change and, as industry leaders, are keen to ensure that we and other providers of Homeshare across the UK and Republic of Ireland maintain the highest standards, ensuring that Homeshare can grow as a body and help many more people and their families.

The Homeshare Association founders are committed to self-governing each other through the Principle Standards; we believe that these standards and safeguards will allow the Homeshare Association organisations to grow, while at the same time giving customers and social care professionals confidence in the provision of Homeshare, and dispelling myths about the safety of such arrangements.

The Homeshare Association is also committed to dedicating time and resources to educating Government and Social Care professionals – in both the UK and The Republic of Ireland – about the potential of Homeshare to support a variety of needs.

If you are interested as a Social Care professional in any aspect of Homeshare and would like to discuss or ask further questions about how Homeshare works with one of the founders, please do get in touch. Equally, please contact us if you are involved in a Homeshare and would like some free independent advice. Our purpose is to offer any kind of homeshare support.

The purpose of the Homeshare Association is to promote the Homeshare movement and its independent, national members. We want to encourage more people to join in and Think Homeshare!

Homeshare in the UK and Republic of Ireland