Meet Our Advocates

We are delighted to have a group of advocates who support Homeshare and give their time and experience to encourage and promote what we do.

Jane Jordon

Jane worked in advertising for national newspapers and magazines for many years; more recently she has been a‘volunteer interview coach’  with the UK charity Smart Works. She has experience of homeshare as a daughter; her father happily shared his house for 5 plus years with several young men and women. She found the experience a great one and is keen to use her skills to promote the Homeshare message.

Susanna Bezooya

Susanna is a mature student from Canada who has found homesharing has given her a safe and comfortable place to live within a reasonable budget. She likes the opportunity to be of service and enjoys the companionship of the homeowner. “I find I need this as much as the lady I stay with and we look out for one another. We both contribute to each other’s lives in positive ways and have become friends.”

Ben Aitken

Ben is a writer and was a Sharer living with an older lady for 14 months. During his time as a Sharer he wrote a hilarious book based on his home-share experience which took place during the Covid lockdowns of 2020 The Marmalade Diaries: The True Story of an Odd Couplee

He is a great fan of Homeshare and both he and his book are doing a great deal to promote and encourage people to consider Homeshare

Sharon Needham

Sharon has spent much of her working life in Retail where she became involved with the Retail Trust. She then moved to a role transforming donations via Retail shops with ZSL, later becoming Managing Director for Help for Heroes” I am now determined to help the team at Homeshare Association spread the ‘Homeshare Word’ and make as many people  aware of this great service as I can. It really can change lives for all involved.”