Principle Standards for members

Our Principle Standards are a mark of excellence, a way of ensuring that any organisations which are a part of the Homeshare Association meet the highest levels of professionalism and experience and have a working quality assurance framework in place.

The Homeshare Association is made up of independent national Homeshare organisations which have agreed to uphold these standards. Inter-organisation audits ensure these standards are continually met by all members.

As Homeshare Association members are periodically scrutinised by their peers, any customer or professional can feel reassured that standards are maintained and that all members services are underpinned to deliver a safe and effective scheme.

The Principle Standards in more detail

  • Clear aims and objectives

Members of the Homeshare Association are experienced Homeshare organisations which are committed to scaling their operations to meet demand across the UK and The Republic of Ireland. Whilst collectively following the Principle Standards, individually they all have clear independent aims and objectives. 


  • A team in place to staff the Homeshare scheme on a full time basis

All members have a team of people to ensure that the phones are maned during office hours. Staff are trained to fully understand the requirements and demands of Homeshare. As all Homeshare Association organisations have been trading for over 5 years, they are experienced in delivering Homeshare and have matched many Homeshare matches. 


  • Agreement to self-governance and audits from within the Homeshare Association by other members, ensuring highest standards are upheld by all organisations

All members agree to a yearly internal audit, carried out by one of the other founder member organisations. There is a check list of standards that are reviewed during the audit and any findings that need addressing will be brought to the attention of the individual organisation by the member completing the audit. In the case of an organisation not permitting an audit, or not demonstrating they are maintaining required keeping standards, the organisation’s membership will be brought to the committee for attention.

  • That Practice, Policy and Process are to the highest standards

The Homeshare Association ensures members have procedures in place for assessing potential clients therefore ensuring that Homeshare is the best service for their needs and, if required, extra support is in place to ensure the service works well.

A clear policy for supporting on going matches and able demonstrate an effective process for dealing with any problems quickly and effectively.

Industry learning is shared between Homeshare Association organisations in a transparent manner.

  • That safeguarding is clearly demonstrated with a robust Safeguarding Policy in place

Every Homeshare Association member organisation must have a safeguarding lead and tried and tested safeguarding policies and procedures. Staff members must be trained in safeguarding policies and practices.

  • Consistent and professional Marketing of the Homeshare concept

Consistent messages when marketing Homeshare to ensure that the Homeshare concept is clearly understood.
Homeshare Association values are demonstrated to ensure growth of awareness of, and trust in, the sector. 
Homeshare Association member organisations agree only to use another members publicity/press coverage on their own website with the permission of the quoted organisation and to reference the source.